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F4F – Fit For Flight Training

SKY4u’s Fit-4-Flight training is the perfect opportunity to work on your skills in our Boeing 737 NG simulator. You will be able to develop your skills and perfect them. Scheduling in our Boeing 737 NG simulator is easy and flexible! In order to perfect your skills and knowledge, you need to practice. You can work on a wide range of trainings or scenarios such as Instrument Flight Rules (IFR), strengthen your Type Rating or just refresh yourself in the cockpit. SKY4u is here it help you.

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Lufthansa Aviation Training

Berlin – GERMANY

You benefit from competitive rates…

and flexible, short term booking to suit your schedule and your budget. Bring s friend, you flight school partner or even a training captain, and let SKY4u help you becoming an expert in the Boeing 737 today. Fit-4-Flight is the ultimate opportunity to become and expert with the highest quality training and the lowest price.


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SKY4u want to give you the best possible training on the best devices. Our Boeing 737 NG simulator is fitted with Boeing’s official Flight Dynamic Model. This model allows for a totally immersive experience for the pilot. The programme is a precise as the Boeing 737-800 as a result of its winglets and CFM56-7B engines. In addition to this, the control loading systems in the Boeing 737 NG is the same as that in full flight simulators. Each of our training courses take place in our Boeing 737 NG simulator. Whether it is our APS-MCC, NGC, JOC, MCC or SIP courses, each takes place in our real Boeing 737 NG simulator. The Boeing 737 NG ensures that you are in the best and most realistic environment throughout your aviation training.

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Our Simulator is EASA approved!

EASA approved

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