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NGC – Next Generation Course

The NGC is an enhancement training course which elevates pilot training to the next level. Like the MCC course, the Next Generation Course is a fantastic way to develop some of the most important skills that will separate you from the rest of the crowd. SKY4u’s NGC is focused on strengthening your skills and building up your confidence for your future in airline aviation. The course made up of theory and practical elements will help you deal with a multitude of situations you may experience in flight. Using our Boeing 737 NG simulator in conjunction with ground school, our instructors will help develop both your technical and non-technical skills in the multi-crew environment.

Course Content



Course Details

NGC Initial or Refresher
40 Hrs Theoretical Training
68 Hrs Simulator Training
CBT & Manuals incl.
25 Days

Course Location

Lufthansa Aviation Training

Berlin – GERMANY

Proper preparation for any pilot to join an airline is the key to succeed.

The task to operate a jet aircraft is far more challenging than the standard training process during a type rating may reveal. You may pass the skill check in order to receive the licence entry, but a smooth transition into airline operation comes only with intensive and individual practice. We prepare pre-selected pilots from Air Espace for Topswiss A320 training and assessment with this NGC


from 8690 €uro


Course Device


SKY4u want to give you the best possible training on the best devices. Our Boeing 737 NG simulator is fitted with Boeing’s official Flight Dynamic Model. This model allows for a totally immersive experience for the pilot. The programme is a precise as the Boeing 737-800 as a result of its winglets and CFM56-7B engines. In addition to this, the control loading systems in the Boeing 737 NG is the same as that in full flight simulators. Each of our training courses take place in our Boeing 737 NG simulator. Whether it is our APS-MCC, MCC, JOC or SIP courses, each takes place in our real Boeing 737 NG simulator. The Boeing 737 NG ensures that you are in the best and most realistic environment throughout your aviation training.

The next stop is the real thing!


Our Simulator is EASA approved!

EASA approved

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