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  • The signing customer agrees to engage in cooperation and/or business relation with SKY4U and agrees on the terms & conditions. SKY4U has the expertise and strength to develop, distribute, provide and optimize aviation programs, products, training routines. We evaluate the risks and possibilities, present solutions to challenges from all fields of aviation and beyond, with the benefit of selected manpower at hand and the core knowledge to support a wide range of customers, clients and companies in their daily routines as well as start-ups and projects. SKY4U does not act as a direct employer or as any kind of company offering direct employment unless clearly stated in seperate contracts / agreements. SKY4U solely represents agents, groups, companies or any other business individuals designated to provide employment or business possibilities and only imparts knowledge, arbitrates between parties, provides information, intercedes opportunities and acts as a facilitator in dispute. All business matters remain confidential towards third parties, agreements and intentions shall remain undisclosed unless otherwise agreed upon between the parties affected. SKY4U can not be held responsible for any action, agreement, contract, bond or any other business connection beyond the handling of data of any individuals or groups requesting placement or business from SKY4U if these ventures have been taken without the preceding notice and with the lack of written approval of SKY4U. Service of SKY4U to registering pilots is FREE OF CHARGE unless stated seperately and agreed upon by both SKY4U and the signing party.

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SKY4u Aviation Service | Alexander Meissner Str. 1 | 12526 Berlin | Tel: +49 30 692 070 25 | eMail: info@sky4u-berlin.com