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The ultimate Course for the Next Generation of Pilots


The Next Generation Course is the tailor made link between the initial pilot training conducted in flight schools and the challenging operation in a cockpit of an airline. We focus on the essential and core knowledge to safely and efficiently operate an aircraft by adhering to the standard operation procedures and beyond.


A proper preparation for any pilot to join an airline is the key to stand out of the crowd and to be noticed. Make yourself aware that the task to operate an airline aircraft is far more challenging than the standard training process during a type rating may reveal. It is clearly enough to pass the Skill Check in order to receive the license entry, but the confidence and knowledge needed to assure a smooth transition into airlone operation comes only by intensive and individual practise.


We introduce the pilots that join this NGC into the key issues of MCC, the Jet Orientation Training and the challenges of Line Oriented Flight Training. And further more, a solid and profound mental preparation of the joining pilots is well included in this course, making it even more valuable to master any upcoming screening, assessment or evaluation challenges.


Your first steps towards the Airline Cockpit Operation


The introduction of a pilot into the world of Multi Crew Coordination is an essential and vital part of the initial commercial aviation experience you are about to make. The focus will be amongst others on learning and showing skills in leadership, communication, teamwork and decision making.


A standard MCC will simply fulfill the regulatory requirements, but we are not only presenting this standard solution, we want to take you to a higher level in your ability to act as a reliable, safety oriented and confident crew member when joining an airline. We therefore created an airline oriented MCC course which contains more than the standard cockpit time, giving you the extra boost of confidence and airmanship.


The MCC is the perfect step before joining us for a type rating, your situational awareness needs to grow, your communication and problem solving skills need to be enhanced. We will be the perfect partner for you when it comes to the basics of operating a jet aircraft in a multi crew environment. Our NGC, the Next Generation MCC Course is especially designed to not only fulfill standard authority requirements but to prepare you for the routine and excitement of the normal and non-normal daily challenges as an airline pilot. Just as the airline expects you to be – from the first day on.


The perfect introduction into Jet Handling Skills


The typical Jet Orientation Course (JOC) is the first step for new pilots from the flight school, or even experienced pilots from turboprop aircraft, into the world of flying an airliner jet aircraft. The focus is on the operation and the handling of the Boeing 737 NG to enhance your cockpit management and basic flying skills.


To prepare yourself for the future in which you wish to operate a jet aircraft, the JOC is the most valuable opportunity to do so. Especially if you plan to combine this with a MCC or even a Type Rating on the Boeing 737 NG, amongst other typical differences, the Autoflight System, Flight Director, EFIS or PFD/ND instrumentation and the handling  of normal and non-normal procedures (e.g. Engine Failures) are specific items which will be covered.


Since there are no requirements given by the auhorities on how to conduct such a Jet Orientation course, we are flexible and capable of providing the training that your need, from simple to complex, from basic to professional. We strongly recommend to combine this JOC with the mandatory MCC in order to get the most out of the cockpit time during your training. We are the experts – you will become one.


If you know what to expect, you will succeed


In the process of becoming an airline pilot you will have to undergo a screening at some point sooner than later. You need stand out of the crowd with your performance, it is that simple.


Together with our partners we frequently discuss and evaluate the practical and theoretical parts of these screenings in order to be the perfect solution provider to your preparation needs. Our cost effectiveness stands for itself, our experience will become yours.


The whole approach on how to conduct a success oriented screening and assessment preparation lies within this one particular thing – the preparation. We have to let you know about our 5-P-Rule as the ultimate philosophy to support you when preparing for the upcoming task: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. Why be afraid of something you will already know about, no surprises at the screening, no room for confusion, but space for self esteem and being confident to manage this challenge.


Getting the insight of various Airline Interviews


Before the job there is the interview, the assessment, the evaluation. Are you prepared? Do you have your answers ready? Do you know what to expect? Are you ready to present yourself at your level best and face the challenge? Profit from our experience and get yourself ready for that one particular chance!


We know what the airlines want, we know what you do not want, we know what is needed to present yourself and have you stand out of the crowd and be noticed. We are the partner on your side before you enter the human resource department of an airline in order to make you aware of what to expect and not be surprised.


Our focus will be on showing you what to expect, how to act and to react. You will learn to reflect yourself properly and we will give you the mental strength and tools at hand to withstand the sometimes great challenge of an airline screening and assessment.


Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance


This program is for any pilot in need for proper training, may it be simply to stay current on IFR flying skills, refresh type rating knowledge or prepare for professional pilot training sessions in our Professional Package. In order to become best prepared for any upcoming challenge such as your regular type rating renewal or the chance to stand out of the crowd at any airline screening, this FIT-4-FLIGHT program is the ultimate opportunity to become an expert pilot that can handle any normal routine or non-normal situation in the cockpit anytime, anywhere!

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance!

The Intake session functions as the evaluation flight and sets the path for the following training items in the Basic and Advanced sessions. Once you have passed the Advanced sessions, there is the ultimate chance to become an instructor yourself! You will be scheduled to teach Basic sessions under our supervision. The Professional Package is the link to Airline Trainings and Screening Preparation. We are ready – ready to make you fit 4 flight!


Get back in the cockpit, start the engines and refresh your skills


Refreshing your knowledge and keeping yourself up to date on the Boeing 737 NG is an essential and recommended practise if you are either currently flying on an other type or simply want to keep yourself fit for any upcoming opportunity to enter a cockpit of a Boeing 737 NG again.


To refresh your knowledge and to get you fit for flying the Boeing 737 NG we will support you with an outstanding program created together with our partner Sky4u. From a basic refresher up to a program covering the full type rating items, we have the expertise and the motivated and experienced trainers to support your needs.


The refresher courses are directly tailored according to your personal needs. The basic setup is the main guideline but together with you we will be able to spot deficiencies and therefore adapt to the situation by presenting flexible and straight forward solutions. If you are planning to integrate a renewal on the B737 NG afte the refresher then we have the solution at hand and will be able to accomplish this with our partners, assuring adherence to local or international regulations.


The Checkride Guide to pass your Skill Check


LPCs or OPCs are mandatory parts of a pilots life that bear surprises to some and have a scaring effect to many of the beginner pilots. This effect can be reduced greatly by preparing for such checks beforehand.


The possibility for maintaining a good standard of non-normal operation during your daily routine is somewhat limited to smaller issues and problems. The greater mandatory events need to be performed at every LPC/OPC and are the source for more insecurity. We will have you prepared and trained at the best possible way in order to make your next LPC/OPC a story of success.


Building confidence, enhancing cockpit management skills and laying down the solid foundation of problem solving in a cockpit is the focus of our LPC/OPC preparation.


Line Oriented Flight Training & real Airline conditions


Line Oriented Flight Training, the name contains the key facts for this very common but also particular type of training. It is the conduct of a normal line flight with the option on various scenarios to be handled by both the pilots , which have to show skills in decision finding, decision making and captaincy.


Our simulator is currently able to reproduce more than 150 different failures from all aircraft systems, ranging from a popped circuit breaker up to a severe mulitple system malfunction. The focus on the pilots ability to handle rather small but significant failures and events can be trained and improved.


An airline needs to train their pilots to be able to handle the outermost difficult situation as well as the plain events during a routine line flight. Enhancing the pilots situational awareness beyond the scope of a predetermined simulator session for an OPC or LPC, the LOFT session is the most flexible and powerful solution to enlighten your pilots and get them to discover new approaches to solve the presented problems.


The actual Aircraft Qualification & Airline Pilot Training


The fixed based simulator can be used as the perfect addition and support for any Boeing 737 type rating course by implementing it into various training parts such as the JOC course, cockpit procedure training, FMC familiarization, LOFT sessions or additionally required training time.


We are the experts for the implementation of this simulator into your type rating training program at the affordable costs but with no loss of training quality compared to a full flight simulator.


The economical aspect is remarkable, the number of sessions that can be done on this simulator rather than on a standard mockup is an amazing enhancement of training quality. Pilots will make themself feel comfortable and become confident in handling the full flight simulator in the following sessions of a type rating.


Ready for immediate Departure


The base training, or “touch & go´s” as it is sometimes referred to, is the final part of your initial type rating training and becomes your first chance to get your hands on the real thing, the aircraft itself! You will maneuver the aircraft in usually 6 traffic patterns in a short period of time.


We will find the right airline partner for your base training request, get you connected and well prepared for your first takeoffs and even more important, you first landings! Get ready to experience the first adrenalin rush when the throttles finally move forward at the touch of a button!


Before getting to put your hands on the throttles of the real aircraft you will practise the standard traffic patterns in a simulator to mentally and physically prepare yourself, getting up to the point where you will live every moment as if you had never done anything else but this.


The passion continues and your dream is coming true


Sky4u is solely offering contact to agencies worldwide providing Line Training Programs, we must ultimately make clear that we are not acting as direct employer for any PAY-2-FLY program.


We deeply regret the latest developments in the fields of aviation that young pilots with no or low hours have to pay their way into the right hand seat instead of being rewarded for their efforts and commitments. But we would like to state that we only cooperate with trusted agencies that have proven to be able to deliver what has been promised. All responsibility lies within the agreement to be signed by both parties, the applicant and the respective agency.


We screen and assess, evaluate suitable candidates and hand out recommendations only.


Getting grips to Cockpit Management under IFR conditions


The approval from the authority of our fixed-‐base simulator as a Flight and Navigation Procedure Trainer enables FTO/ATO ́s to use the simulator within the conduct of IFR training. According to the legal terms of an ATPL training a significant part of the practical IFR training can therefore be completed on the FNPT II MCC.


Practise of the basic pitch and power flying skills in the realistic environment of a Boeing 737 NG will make any student become more aware of the complexity of an airline jet and give him the confidence in the three golden words of handling it – aviate, navigate, communicate.


Anything is possible when it comes down to implementing our simulator into IFR training. We have made the experience that pilots adapt fast to the operation of the Boeing 737 with a high level of training completion standards during their IFR ground time experience building.



Your first steps on the fields of training and instructing future pilots have been done, you have set your foot into a field of aviation which is the most rewarding of them all – teaching! After the mandatory SFI/TRI course that you have attended, this is the perfect opportunity to gain experience under expert guidance.


We train the trainers! From the viewpoint at the observer seat to the closeup at the cockpit front, the guidance through this learning process on how to “teach aviation” is going to lay down the essential and crutial techniques to transfer your own knowledge forward to your inquisitive students.


We are welcoming you to join us and our enthusiastic and experienced team of trainers and examiners that can look back at many years of training and checking under various and diverse conditions. Here with us you will have the opportunity to practise and deepen your instructor skills in all kinds of different trainings and courses.


Ready for immediate Departure


From the first moment on when you enter the simulator for your regular checks as an airline pilot, you should already know what to expect in the following hours and be well prepared to handle any upcoming problem or failure.


In order to take away the fear of the unknown and unexpected, it is clearly the best way to get an inside of view of the daily work of a simulator instructor (SFI/TRI) or even a examiner (TRE).


Building your confidence in training other pilots and enhancing your knowledge about simulator operation is our main goal and key focus during this training course.


The essential part of Communication in Aviation


The content of CRM is full of facts about errors, error chains and error management. Learning about how to recognize and deal with failures, errors and common mistakes is the strong pillar for todays airline operation in the cockpit, the cabin and anywhere around.


To enhance the communication and management skills of the flight crew members with emphasis on non-technical aspects of flight crew performance so that they can effectively utilize all available resources to achieve safe and efficient operation.


The various techniques and proper procedures to coordinate and handle upcoming daily routines or challenges are the key focus of the initial and recurrent CRM training modules. From simplicity to complexity, from trivial to sophisticated, the problems and issues to be solved during airline operation call for teamwork and straight forward communication which will be presented and practised during the courses.


Taking Cabin Crew Training one essential step higher


The daily routine of the cabin crew is a duty full of repeatings tasks at the most times, but can become challenging within the matter of seconds. Exactly at this moment it is vital that they do not only know about their own tasks and duties but have an inside knowledge of the pilots duties and procedures.


We bring the cabin into the cockpit! The best safety device on any aircraft is a well trained crew, and even better, a crew that has expanded their knowledge beyond the normal scope of operation.


Cabin crew members will be introduced into the basic operational principals of aircraft handling, radio communication and cockpit situational awareness.


SIMglish lets you speak Aviation English like a Pro


SIMglish™ is a unique innovative, online Boeing 737 specific Aviation English language program that is very easy to use and can be completed anywhere in the world!


SIMglish™ teaches you how to understand B737 aircraft language. SIMglish™ is NOT a general aviation English course or a grammar test. SIMglish™ will teach you advanced B737 terminology that you as a pilot, need to be able to fly the B737 more efficiently and effectively!


Students will be part of the crew and will watch videos of native English speakers actually flying the aircraft and will listen to their departure and arrival briefings. All normal checklists and in-flight emergencies will be demonstrated in the videos also. Not only will the students listen and watch English speaking B737 instructions give pre and post-flight briefings, there is a 220 page workbook to guide the students along all the way through to the interactive exercises.



We screen, assess and evaluate your future flight crew and staff under expert supervision!

Sky4u is a pilot selection and screening expert working together with airlines and FTO’s to screen and select candidates and pilots for commercial aviation pilot training and airline job opportunities. Our assessment has evolved from the expertise of our trainers and examiners gained throughout many years under worldwide operation.

Our key focus for the screening and assessment under your authority is amongst others:


From Standard to Custom, we evaluate possible employees according your needs!

Psychometric testing refers to the process of measuring a candidate’s relevant strengths and weaknesses and the related self reflection. This form of measurement is primarily used to assess employment suitability, overall psychological condition and is including the company-candidate fit observation.

The aim is to gain an accurate impression of the candidate’s cognitive abilities and personality/behavioural style and compare it with company requirements.


Informal, Standard or Depth Interview – we are your right partner for any employee selection!

Personality interviews are assessments which require the least preparation on the candidate’s part but the most from the future employer. Interviews tend to measure an individual’s relatively stable behavioural tendencies and preferences within an occupational context.

We focus on character and ad hoc reactions to a multitude of questions that are asked to any candidate but as well also to questions that may arise due to developments during the interview itself.


Profound theoretical knowledge or practical wisdom, we search for the right employee!

A variety of knowledge tests are available to be conducted by Sky4u. In order to receive a clear picture of the applicants general and aviation related knowledge which has been declared being relevant to the particular needs and demands of the company seeking new employees and addition to their staff, Sky4u will either use existing examinations or create them new.

The most commonly implemented knowledge tests are computer based or online versions which are as follows:

  • Cockpit Management Skills
  • Communication
  • Situational Awareness
  • Error Management
  • Decision Making
  • Captaincy
  • Strength & Weaknesses
  • Company – Candidate fit
  • Abilities & Possibilities
  • Overall psych. Condition
  • General Appearance
  • Subjective Grading
  • Background Check
  • Role Play & Group Interaction
  • ATPL Knowledge
  • Aircraft Systems
  • General Knowledge
  • English Language Proficiency


Pilot Recruitment

PILOTSFrom ab-initio to Line-Trainer, our pilots are pre-selected, well trained and fully ready to join your company.

  • Flexible Availability
  • Reliable Crew Member
  • Well trained in advance
  • Committed to satisfy

INSTRUCTOR Recruitment

INSTRUCTORSKnowledge is the key to success, we provide the instructors for the ultimate learning experience.

  • Worldwide Experience
  • Flexible Availability
  • Driven to instruct
  • Able to deliver

EXAMINER Recruitment

EXAMINERSStandardized & flexible, our examiners have the core knowledge and expertise in checking and testing.

  • Worldwide Experience
  • Focus on core facts
  • Awareness to adapt
  • Fully Standardized

CABIN CREW Recruitment

CABIN-CREWFrom ambitious beginners to experienced profes- sional Cabin Crew, we have the exceptional personell.

  • Exceptional Attitude
  • Worldwide Experience
  • Teamworker
  • Passionate



logo_skySKY4u is a network of aviation related companies, groups, teams and individuals. Together we have the expertise and strength to develop, distribute, provide and optimize aviation programs, products, training routines. We evaluate the risks and possibilities, present solutions to challenges from all fields of aviation and beyond, with the benefit of selected manpower at hand and the core knowledge to support a wide range of customers, clients and companies in their daily routines as well as start-ups and projects.

The focus lies on quality and flexibility, we strive to excellence and innovation.

Our pool of selected crews is ready to join any airline and is ranging from ab initio pilots to Senior Examiners on various types of aircraft. We are constantly screening and assessing especially zero or low hour pilots, which are conducting various training and preparation programs in order to have them best prepared for any upcoming challenge. They are pre-selected, simulator experienced and prepared in classroom lessons through our Airline Introduction Programs „fit-4-flight“ and the „NGC“, the Next Generation Course, giving you the guarantee for a smooth and fluent transistion into the airline.

As our slogan goes:
Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance – we are prepared to join you, and so are our pilots.


logo_simIn cooperation with SIM4u Aviation Service, our strong pillar and simulator provider, we have set ourself the goal to offer prospective and active pilots “state of the art” simulator technology, which guarantees a quality and professional training.

Original built-up parts, latest navigation technology, high-resolution visual and user-friendly in-structor station. A place close to the real aircraft, assuring the best training for pilots, flight schools and airlines with the benefit of cost efficiency and highest quality. » Link



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