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Special deal for your next LPC on B737 or A320!

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LPCs or OPCs are mandatory parts of a pilots life, that bear surprises to some and have a scaring effect to many of the beginner pilots. This effect can be reduced greatly by preparing for such checks beforehand. The major mandatory events need to be performed at every LPC/OPC and are the source for more insecurity if you are not prepared. We focus on building confidence, enhancing cockpit management skills and laying down the solid foundation of problem solving in a cockpit as a team.


EASA approved TRE

( Type Rating Examiner )

Course Location

Lufthansa Aviation Training

Berlin – GERMANY

Course Details

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LPC: B737 or A320 FFS (Full Flight Simulator) Level D
PREP: B737 or A320 FBS (Fixed Base Simulator)

SKY4u will support you with room reservations. Ask us about the special hotel rates for our partner hotels Meininger and Holiday Inn if you book through SKY4u.
A shuttle service to and from SXF airport and the LAT simulator center is provided via the hotel’s shuttle bus.

Payment can be made by bank transfer, cash, PayPal*, Visa* or Debit card*.
Please note that these (*) methods will be subjected to a transactional surcharge.

Bonus Pack 1: 2 hours on B737 FBS (Fixed Base Simulator) for an additional 580 EUR
Bonus Pack 2: 4 hours on B737 FBS (Fixed Base Simulator) for an additional 999 EUR


Prepare yourself for the future to operate a jet aircraft!

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