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Scholarship Program

We are looking for future aviators with the passion and flair for aviation, the determination to soar the skies and the dream to earn their wings.
Out of the successful candidates, only the TOP TALENT will be offered a scholarship, all others will receive an offer for a training & job opportunity with our partner airlines.
Join us now for the opportunity to be selected for our pilot training scholarship program, we pay for your training!



We cooperate with your school in screening you and find out if youhave the caliber to claim a fully funded ATPL.


Together with our partner airlines you get a job as First Officer on various airliners after a fully paid Next Generation Course containing CBT, JOC, MCC, CRM, LOFT and Type Rating.

First: Screening at SKY4u Berlin
Secondly: Training at SKY4u Berlin
Thirdly: Airline training & job



You need to be at least 18 years, have a valid EU / EEZ passport before joining any of our partner flight schools.


You need to have valid EU / EEZ passport, valid EASA pilot license, valid ME/IR ratings, ATPL theory pass certificate, valid 1st class medical, Minimum English level 4.


You will be invited to Berlin (SXF) for a 2-3 day assessment, inclusive accommodation, on site catering and support.

1. Online Test (day 1)

Cognitive part & Personality part.
Cognitive: different exercises to be done in 40 minutes, including math, physics, English tests
Personality: consists of statements describing various behaviours, thoughts and feelings.

2. ATPL & General Knowledge Test

Depending on the airline´s request, candidates have to answer up to 100 selected questions.

3. Personal Interview (day 2)

Introduction of yourself, strengths and weaknesses, CV and background check.

4. Simulator Assessment (day 3)

NAV setup, briefings, manual flight, SID, airwork, approach, go-around, possible engine failure.

Screening fees:

499 EUR – including preparation material, test parts 1-4, hotel accommodation, SXF airport shuttle & catering on site!

For further information please download our Scholarship Flyer below:

Contact us:

SKY4u Aviation Service | Alexander Meissner Str. 1 | 12526 Berlin | Tel: +49 30 692 070 25 | eMail: info@sky4u-berlin.com