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Ryanair Mentored APS MCC Programme

SKY4u is proud to announce our newest EASA approved course the Airline Pilot Standard MCC, APS MCC, with Ryanair! The Airline Pilot Standard MCC in accordance with EASA AMC2 FCL.735.A will develop all the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to help you fit easily into an airline career. Statistics show that over 50% of newly qualified pilots who hold a CPL, frozen ATPL theoretical exams, ME/IR and a standard MCC fail at European operator initial assessments. The APS MCC will give you every chance of passing an airline assessment.
The total training time will be 172 hours!

Course Content


Course Details

35 Hrs CBT Training (online)
63 Hrs Classroom Training
40 Hrs Simulator Training
30 Hrs Briefings
24 Days + off days

Course Location

Lufthansa Aviation Training

Berlin – GERMANY

FREE BONUS! For all APS students: 4 Hrs RYR Screening Preparation on the same B737NG simulator type as in Dublin!

Daily Online Assessment – Aptitude & ATPL Test by cut-e

Core Competencies

Application of Regulations and Procedures
Aeroplane Flight Path Management – with Automation
Aeroplane Flight Path Management – in Manual control
Application of Knowledge
Leadership and Teamwork
Problem Solving and Decision Making
Situation Awareness and Information Management
Workload Management (Cockpit Management Skills)


Start your career with Ryanair!

Pilots who enter the APS MCC with SKY4u will get an unbelievable opportunity to train with Ryanair approved procedures, SOPs and instructors here in Berlin! This is a fantastic chance to join Europe’s No. 1 airline! Ryanair offers unparalleled career opportunities for new pilots, with:

83 bases across 19 countries
Industry leading training standards and success rates
The best rosters in European aviation – 5 days on, followed by 4 days off
Industry leading Outstanding Earnings Potential!
Fastest Time to Command Upgrade, 3 to 4 years
Structured Command Upgrade programme
Europe’s youngest, modern fleet which will include the state-of-the-art Boeing 737 MAX “Gamechanger”


Contact SKY4u today about this amazing career opportunity!

The APS-MCC is an efficient and effective course that is the tailor made link between the initial pilot training and the challenging operation in a commercial cockpit. The APS-MCC will be conducted in our ground school followed by simulator sessions in our partner SIM4u’s Boeing 737 NG FNPTII.



from 6737 €uro


Course Device


SKY4u want to give you the best possible training on the best devices. Our Boeing 737 NG simulator is fitted with Boeing’s official Flight Dynamic Model. This model allows for a totally immersive experience for the pilot. The programme is a precise as the Boeing 737-800 as a result of its winglets and CFM56-7B engines. In addition to this, the control loading systems in the Boeing 737 NG is the same as that in full flight simulators. Each of our training courses take place in our Boeing 737 NG simulator. Whether it is our NGC, JOC, MCC or SIP courses, each takes place in our real Boeing 737 NG simulator. The Boeing 737 NG ensures that you are in the best and most realistic environment throughout your aviation training.

The next stop is the real thing!


Our Simulator is EASA approved!

EASA approved

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